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Terms of Use

  • Service Agreement Establishment

    Please read the Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement (Referring to "This Service Agreement"). We owns all the possession and operation rights of the E-business online services. The Terms and Conditions consisted in this Service Agreement apply to all users. The user must accept this Service Agreement before using the website. (Domain unconfirmed)

  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

    All your actions on the website are deemed that you have comprehensively read, understood and accepted this Service Agreement and agreed to be bound to its Terms and Conditions.The content of this Service Agreement consists of the main text of the Agreement and various rules that has published or will publish. All these rules are integral parts of the Service Agreement and have the same legal force as the main text of the Agreement.

  • User Regulations


    User material and products for sale & trade.

    Once the user successfully registered to be a legal member of website, his registered user name and password will be saved. You have to protect security of the user name and password; and also take responsibility for all activities when using your user name and password. Your Agreement includes: (a) in case of discovering someone else using your user name and password without authorization or in other offences against the security regulations, please inform it immediately; (b) ensure your logout process is correct during every online business login or logout. We cannot and will not take any responsibility for your loss or damage because of your failure to comply with this term of regulation.

    Regulations about User material

    Your Agreement includes that the material and all "items" you provided on our website for trade. (Regarding specific product items that are for legal trade, no matter the product items are tangible or intangible, or in any form, or any rights or benefits, any bills or securities, or any services or activities). The "item" in this Agreement equals to all the meanings above.) a. Not containing any fraud information, and not involving with the sale of counterfeit or stolen products.

    b. Not infringe any third party's rights of ownership property of the item, or copyright, patent, trademark, confidential business information or other intellectual property rights, privacy, or reputation.
    c. No violation against any law, regulation, ordinance, or rule ( including but not limited to law, regulation ordinance or rule that regulates export management, trading quota, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising.)
    d. Not including content of defamation (including commercial defamation), illegal intimidation or harassment.
    e. Not containing content of obscenity or any child pornography.
    f. Not consisting of any virus, camouflaged damage program, computer worm, time bomb program or other computer program with malicious harm, vicious interference, secret interception or occupation of any system, data or personal information.
    g. Not connecting with the following goods or service directly or indirectly, or containing any description of them.(I) Prohibited goods or services under this agreement; or (II) goods or services unauthorized to connect.
    h. Not using our "services" for any catenation, junk, massive random emails delivery or any copy or relevant unnecessary information.
    i. Not using our "services" for unauthorized collecting of other user's email address or relevant information.
    j. Not using our "services" for creating fake email address or by other ways causing mislead about the sender identity or other source of the information.
    Prohibited items

    The user is forbidden to publish, or trade on the website with:

    (a) Any product that may cause violation against relevant law, regulation or rule;
    (b) Any product that it considers as should be forbidden or inappropriate for trading on it.
    User Authorization of usage

    User authorized webs with exclusive, global, permanent and free right of usage (The website has the right to authorize for a second time in multi-aspects.) that enables it having the right (partially or fully) to use, copy amend, re-write, publish, translate, dispense, operate and display "your material" or other derivative data, or combine "your material" into other derivative data with any known or later developed form, media or technology.


  • Terms & Conditions

    Welcome to Teemomall.com. Friendly reminder: when using this site and its services you are agreeing to the terms below. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, please do not use this site. Teemomall reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions.

    First of all, you have to be 18 years old. But if you're younger than that, and your parents are sitting beside you then that's okay too. Age restriction is a legality thing, and has nothing to do with website content. We sell consumer goods for goodness sake. You'll find nothing distasteful here.

  • Copyright Information

    This site is copyright protected. All contents on this site are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute in any way any material from this site including code and software without express permission from Teemomall.com.

    And besides, many of our Affiliates, Wholesalers, and Dropshippers have a legitimate need and claim when using our photos. This can be permitted under our notice.

  • Product Reviews

    If you're kind enough to be inclined to review one of our products for example, please don't use any swear words. Words like "darn" are okay as in "OMG! This is a darn great product!" but generally speaking please write in such a way that Mrs. Gruener, your grade 6 English teacher would approve. Also: in the same way that anyone is free to use our content, when you create content for our site, it becomes public domain and you agree that we can use it for stuff like testimonials and things like that.

  • Opening an Account

    When you open an account with us, please keep your account ID and password safe. If someone pretends to be you and orders a whole bunch of stuff with us, then redirects the shipments to their own address, there's really no way we can be sure it wasn't really you. Then everyone's unhappy except the thief who emptied your credit card.

    And please don't leave your password lying around where your mischievous roommate might see it. Roommates love nothing more than logging on, pretending to be you, and uttering a whole mess of obscenities.

  • Account Termination

    We reserve the right to close your account at any time. The official word is "termination".

  • Data Accuracy

    A note about how we roll. Before we offer a product, we really go out of our way to test the heck out of it. And we strive to write product descriptions that are as accurate as possible. But sometimes mistakes will happen. Human error if you will. In these cases, we'll do our best to ensure your happiness.For example, if a product costs 100 USD and we mistakenly put the price as 1 USD, we're really sorry. We can't sell it for 1 USD.Again, whatever future mistakes we make, we'll do our best to ensure your happiness

  • Orders

    Products sometimes there just aren’t enough to go around. For example, let's say we're selling a fantastic dual SIM, quad-band cellphone for 60 USD and you place an order of 200 units. We might not have 200 units. It might take a while to get that much stock. In which case, we'll contact you and work something mutually agreeable out. The key to successful communication is dialog. We promise to do our best to keep you happy.

  • Pricing and Currencies

    The true price of all our products is stated in US Dollars. Prices in other currencies are for reference purposes only. That means, based on global currency movements, the price in your home currency (non-US dollars) might be higher or lower than what you expected to pay.

  • Arbitration

    The chances of a meteor hitting the earth are small, but supposedly it happened. Hence the Big Bang, we're told. In the same way, a company like ours whose chief aim to please our customers, cannot avoid failing to achieve our aim from time to time.

  • Links

    From time to time, we may link to other sites. Please be careful when you click on the link. It is not our intention to send you to a bad site, but the dynamics of the Internet are such that the original content might have changed or has been hacked. In this way, we really can't be responsible for third party content.

  • The Spirit of Cooperation

    OK, enough of the Legalese. There was a time when two people could agree on something based on a handshake. How we miss those times. In spirit however, we still see the handshake as the best model for commerce. We're not saying that we're a perfect company. All we're saying is that our mission statement is indeed this: To be the world's nicest company.